Kanata West is the new home of the Carpenter’s Union

Gorgeous wooden building is a given.

150 years ago, Ottawa (Bytown, back then) made its fame and fortune in the lumber trade
…and our attachment to and love of fine carpentry and wood work persists to this day.

The Carpenter’s Union is setting up a brand new local headquarters in Kanata West. Here’s a sneak peek at two concept drawings, along with some photos of Local 1946, to give you an idea what the finished building will look like. Inspiring? No doubt. So now you’ll know where to go to find the best carpenters.

  • carpenters-union-kanata-west-birdseyeview

  • carpenters-union-kanata-frontview

  • carpenters-union-kanata-west-10

  • carpenters-union-kanata-west-02

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